The best way to track your workouts

RepCount is designed to give you a quick way to log your reps and sets, so you can focus on lifting weights!

Create unlimited log entries for free! For a small fee you can upgrade to Premium to unlock Drop Sets, Supersets, Charts and much more

What our users say

"This app is exactly what I needed. Clean, minimal design that does what I want and nothing more. Tried lots of different apps and this one blows them all away."

"Just what I need to track powerlifting workouts. And nothing I don't need."

"Simple, easy, complete. This app provides you with everything you need to track your workouts."

"I could not live without this app. Ok, I could, but it would make life a lot harder ;)"

"I NEVER leave reviews and this is my first, but killer app! Simplistic and easy to use, well done."

"Everything you could ever need and more from a workout tracking app and more. Makes it so simple and straightforward"

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    The wait is over. RepCount for Android is here, and it is awesome!

  • Google I/0 and Android Q

    Android Q was just announced on Google I/O a few months back. After trying downloading the developer preview and using it ever since, we are pleassed to announce that RepCount runs smoothly without any issues on Android Q.

  • Why you should use an app to track your workouts

    How do you track your workouts today? Are you using a tranditional notebook, or maybe you are not tracking your gym session at all? There is a better way. Using an app to log your workouts is the superior way to make sure you are making progression and here is why.

  • RepCount for Android

    The wait for the RepCount Android version is soon over and RepCount will soon be officially released to Google Play. Can't wait? You can download the public beta perview today.