Getting back to the gym after a long break?

Getting back to the gym after a long break?
Photo by Sergio Pedemonte / Unsplash

Had a long break from the Gym? Don't worry. With these 5 tips you will be on your way to get back in shape in no time.

1: Start light

It is easy to overestimate your strenght when coming back to the gym after a long break. Don't worry, it will take less time than you think to come back, but take it easy. Starting too heavy after a long break is a recipe for injury. You want to take it slow and let your body adapt to your new habit.

2: Keep volume low

Let's just face it. If you have been away for a while and then come back, you will be sore no matter what. So don't overdo it the first time. After a few workouts you can ramp the volume up (the RepCount charts are awesome to keep track of this) and you will be back to your normal levels in no time!

3: Keep frequency high

This tip is related to the previous tip. If you keep the volume low you can increase the frequency instead. The higher frequency will make you adapt faster and reduce the time to get back to your regular weights.

4: Listen to your body

Don't let your ego decide on the weights! It is better to lower the weights and use proper form. This should always be the case, but it is especially important when you get back to your training.

5: Track your workouts.

Tracking your workouts will increase your motivation. Sure, when you log your workout right after going back you are likely to have lower weights and lower volume, but you will also see how fast the weights will increase just in a few weeks. The app also ensures that you can gradually increase your weights to make sure that you have a steady and slow progression, which is the key to success

Not tracking your workouts? RepCount is a an awesome way to track and analyze your strength training. Download RepCount on Google Play or AppStore today!