Why you should use an app to track your workouts

Why you should use an app to track your workouts
Photo by Anastase Maragos / Unsplash

How do you track your workouts today? Are you using a tranditional notebook, or maybe you are not tracking your gym session at all? There is a better way. Using an app to log your workouts is the superior way to make sure you are making progression and here is why.

Don't guess, know

Are you one of those that go by feel when picking your weights in the gym? Or do you tend to always pick the same weights? When you use RepCount to track your workouts you keep the guesswork out of your workouts. You will always know what weights you have been using in your workouts, not only your last workout, but all your workouts. While you can technically do this using a notebook, I can assure you that it is way easier to find all your latest Bench Press sessions in RepCount.

Keep track of your PR's

I think most people know their Squat 1 rep max and this is great. But what about your 5-rep max? And what about front-squats? With RepCount you always know your personal records and rep records in all your exercises and nothing beats the motiviation of knowing that if you do just one more rep it will be new rep record.

Stay consistent

The best type of workout is the one that you keep going back to and with RepCount you get extra motivation. Have a goal of working out 3 times per week? Follow it up in RepCount. Have a goal of doing 50 sets of Bench Presses per month? Use RepCount to track it.