Looking for the best workout log app for iOS or Android?

Looking for the best workout log app for iOS or Android?
Photo by Jonathan Borba / Unsplash

There are tons of apps out there to track your workouts. But how do you choose the best one? Here are 7 questions you should be asking before you decide.

  • Is the app clean and easy to use?

This one goes without saying. You should enjoy tracking your workourts. If you don't, you won't track your workouts! Most workout apps out there have a free basic version you can try. Take advantage of this. Download the app and try it out.

RepCount has a generous free tier allowing you to log an unlimited number for free, giving you plenty of time to decide if the app is for you, without consting you a single cent.

  • Is the app actively maintained?

Look at the update history of the app. Is the app frequently updated? This is super important. Apps that aren't actively maintained is super common for workout apps and this will lead to bugs and a poor user experience. If the app is updated frequently it is a sign that the developer cares about quality.

RepCount has since the release in 2013 been updated well over 100 times and the development pace is picking up as the app is growing. You can trust that RepCount will be around for a long long time.

  • Does the developer respond to feedback?

Found something you don't like, maybe a bug or find that something is missing. See if there a way to reach out to the developer. If you get a response within a few days, awesome! If not, well, it may be warning sign that the developer doesn't care about your opinion.

Check the RepCount Reviews on AppStore, or send feedback from within the app. You will get a response. Fast. We care about your feedback.

  • Is the pricing model reasonable?

This one is tricky. Many opt for apps that are completely free or that has a one time in app purchase to unlock features. Other apps have expensive subscriptions that are unreasonably high priced. Free/one time pricing puts severe limits on what the developer can do and if your app has this model it is likely that it will get abandoned since the pricing model doesn't support future development. On the other hand, if the app has an expensive subscription. Well, you may be paying too much.

RepCount has a freemium model, where there is a generous free tier, but the premium upgrade is a subscription model. There is a good reason for that. We want RepCount to be a round for a long time, and develop RepCount at a higher rate than ever before. The subscription model ensures that we can afford to have recurring costs for servers, infrastructure and development and provide you with the service and support you need.

  • Is the app available on both iOS and Android?

There are thousands of workout apps out there. But very few of them are available for both iOS and Android and most that are available on both platforms are based on hybrid frameworks like React Native or Flutter, which often leads to a less than ideal user experience.

RepCount is a true native app on both iOS and Android! This is because we feel that an iOS should look and behave like an iOS app and an Android app should look and behave like an Android app. For the optimal user experience, there is no other choice.

Haven't tried RepCount yet?

It is available on both AppStore and Google Play. Go get it, you might like it ;)